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Share localhost with your remote teams.

Skip DevOps & CI/CD during the development stage.

Share local builds, services, webhooks, etc., securely over CloudLAN to your team or the world in one-click


Create VPN Rooms And Share Localhost

With Team URL, you can share & access localhost services and applications as though you were sitting around the same office


Static IP for Remote Team

Remote teams Virtual address, Using Team Static IP,
lock-down Cloud servers to be only accessible through CloudLAN.


Use your local machine as a hosting server

Get a public link for the Work-in-progress Website / API / Webhook. Accessible by anyone from anywhere without the hassle of hosting server

Made By Developers, For Developers.

When the world went into lockdown in 2020, and everyone moved to remote, we realized how tedious and convoluted it is to setup a Local Network on the cloud.

Sharing localhosts and files on NAS with your co-developers makes collaborative development very fast. We wanted all remote teams to have this productivity boost.

Say goodbye to remote development headache

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Secure Team VPN

Created by Adrien Coquet from the noun project

Virtual Static IP

Created by Graphik Designz by the noun project

Built in Enterprise security

Created by Graphik Designz by the noun project

1-click Public URL