Remove network barriers
for yourRemote Teams

Boost productivity of Remote Teams
Skip DevOps & CI/CD during the Development stage

Supercharge your development team with our Corporate VPN solution and make it easier than ever to work together - Apart.
Share local builds, services, files etc.. safely and securely, no matter where you are in the world
All without deploying a single line of code.

Create a Secure Corporate VPN - in Minutes

With CloudLAN, you can create a private development room for your team to collaborate in just a few clicks.

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Share local
development remotely

With a private IP for each member & Team URL, you can share & access localhost services and applications as though you were sitting around the same office.

Static IP for
Remote Team

Dev code is not secure yet, so servers hosting the code need to be secured from unwanted access.

Using Team Static IP, lockdown the servers to be accessed from CloudLAN room.

Host your code
without a server

Get a public link for the Work-in-progress Website / API / Webhook.

Accessible by anyone from anywhere without the hassle of hosting server

A VPN tool made by developers, for developers.

Unlike consumer VPN solutions. CloudLAN was built for developers to do one thing; Develop. It's about connecting to a virtual office space where you can work with a global team, sharing localhost resources, and removing the friction from remote development.

Lightspeed Debugging and Collaboration

Deploying to CI/CD everytime you change a single line in your code so that your teammate can consume is tedious. Simply let them connect to your localbuilds.

Say goodbye toremote development

Developing with a remote team isn't always easy. Or, at least, it wasn't.

With CloudLAN, remote development problems will become a thing of the past.

Simply plan to suit teams of any size - all for a low month price. Or start right now with a free plan for up to 3 users

Share and collaborale on localhost resources remotely in moments - no DevOps or CI/CD deployment required.

Cloud-hosted LAN rooms make it easier than ever to collaborate with remote teams.

Enterprise-class VPN to whitelist & access services hosted at AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and more.

World-class encryption for security and privacy from anywhere in the world.

Available for Windows 10. MacOS and Linux

All this & more but

No DevOps

in sight.

Pretty smart. huh?

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