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Create a private network for your business in minutes.

Connect your team to the internet with a dedicated IP address and secure your data with encrypted connections.

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"Setting up a VPN has never been so Simple, We were up & running in under 30 min."

Sam, Business owner

All the tools necessary for your New Virtual Office

Static IP for your entire distributed team

Cloud services like predictability, Stop surprising them with your worldwide distributed teams. With TeamVPN IP you team look to be working out of a same office location.

Every device gets a private Device IP

Every device connecting to CloudLAN get its own private Device IP which never changes no matter where the device is connecting from physically.

Access office servers from anywhere

Do not loose access to RDP, ERP, Database or file servers just cause you are not in office. Using Hosts feature, make them accessible to the whole team again.

Powerful Features, Easy Management


Quick members onboarding using their email.

Works for all your departments

  • Developers

    Develop Together Even When You're Apart Share your localhost with your team & debug code more easily.

  • Software Vendors

    Make any Server based software Remote-ready, Provide the flexibility to access your solution from anywhere.

  • IT administrators

    Deploy a VPN solution that is easy to manage, & your users will love.

  • Business Owners

    Access Your Business application From Anywhere, Securely!

No Hardware

No VPN or firewall devices to manage,
No power & internet issues at the office
to deal with.

Easy onboarding

User will love CloudLAN’s simplicity of
sign up & click-to-connect. Users are no
longer overwhelmed by complicated
config distribution.

Reliable 1 Gbps connection

Your CloudLAN server will never be
the connection bottle neck.

Secure Your Favorite Apps With CloudLAN

Secure your organization data and boost your productivity. Works with Wordpress, CRM, Pretashop, CMS, Firewalls, Cloud servers and more.

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Hire our technical consultant to understand your requirement & help you setup CloudLAN

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Getting started is
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