Secure the Development Environment from Unauthorized Access

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What Can You Do With CloudLAN?

CloudLAN is designed for use by systems administrators, infrastructure engineers, and application developers who need immediate access to code repositories, databases, and operational tools.

What Can You Do With CloudLAN

Secure Development Environment

Develop, deploy and maintain applications more securely. And isolate the development environment from production by restricting access based on IP address.

Secure Development Environment
Securely Publish Your Private Web Services

Securely Publish Your Private Web Services

No more trouble to give access to GIT repository / Local DevOps server for external users. With CloudLAN you can share and access local web servers from anywhere securely.

Work together, Work anywhere

Work like you are in the office, share files and information with your team members. No more threat issues! Hassle-free remote access to your organization files

Work together, Work anywhere
Integrate & Secure Your Tools

Integrate & Secure Your Tools

Integrate and secure your tracking & vision control tools (Like Jira, Bugzilla ) in order to encourage DevSecOps.

Making CI/CD Easy & Secure

Speed up and reduce CI/CD process timing by deploying apps without having to worry about the complex nature of your mergeable code. And secure your CI/CD systems from the threat exposures.

Making CI/CD Easy & Secures

Protect your DevOps environment from dangerous vulnerabilities with CloudLAN.

A one-click, setup-free VPN for your devops team & run their work securely


You need CloudLAN,
If you have

Self-hosted Web applications like WordPress, Magento

VPS server on HostGator, GoDaddy

VM's on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean

Server-Client application like Sage, Tally, Focus, SAP

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