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Simply5 CloudLAN

CloudLAN is a secure, managed and virtualized networking platform that enables people to work from anywhere – literally. Delivered via the cloud, CloudLAN eliminates the cost, complexity and management of remote network connections. It allows you to implement a cost effective resilient network solution in Minutes instead of Hours or Days.

At the heart of CloudLAN is a powerful virtual gateway technology, which provides you with a seamless federation, management and authentication service. You can add and manage users and devices connecting from anywhere in the world without the need for servers or proprietary hardware. CloudLAN ensures that you will never have to worry about IT administration for your remote workers again.

Get familiar with your Team's new workspace :

RoomWorkspace where your team & devices connect
Device IPA Private IP assigned to device connecting to CloudLAN room
TeamVPN IPCommon internet IP shared by the whole team to browse the internet
HostsA method to connect company servers/VMs to the room for easy team access
TeamVPN ON/OFFEnable & disable browsing through TeamVPN IP
Service CastingSelf-hosted your code for your team or public access
Add serviceAdding a service / server running on your system to CloudLAN
Add folderAdding a folder to CloudLAN
TeamURLOnly users connected to same room will be able to access
PublicURLAnyone with the link will be able to access service hosted

How to setup a CloudLAN Room?


You will get a free CloudLAN Room, All features unlocked to fully experience the product with 500MB/Month data limit, invite your team & try out the solution.

Download the app & try out CloudLAN now

* Windows

* MacOS

CloudLAN Account Signup Process

1. Enter your email ID and click on Signup.


2. Verification link will be sent to your inbox


3. Verify your email address by clicking Verify Email link


4. Complete the sign up process



Enter the referral code if you have one. To know more about referral benefits check here

5. Now account is ready, if you have installed the app, use launch application to Launch & autologin


6. On first login, Your Free Room provisioning will be tiggered & the room should be ready to connect in under a minute


Invite & Join Room

  • It's time to invite your team members


  • Use Invite member to invite teammates by adding their email addresses


  • Invite multiple members at a time assets/images/invite_multi_member.gif

  • As a bonus you earn credits for each new users invited to CloudLAN


  • New members can join by signing up with invitation mail or accept the invite from the app's Rooms draw


User Rooms List

By clicking the room icon view all the room you are part of

  • Switch to different rooms by selecting from room list.



Got a question not answered in this knowledge base?
Contact us at [email protected] or "chat with support" from our website or inside the app