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Modern Teams work with many web services, keeping track of all the URLs scattered across different chats/emails is challenging. Also, servers that are protected by firewall rules to allow access only from TeamVPN IP of the room needed a simpler place of record, accessible by everyone on the team.

The Bookmark feature works like a shared URL notepad for your team, you can also add individual services running on each server so links are better organized & everyone can easily access them.

  • Anyone can add a Bookmarks & links of services running on the server

How to add a Bookmark?

In this example, We have a Company server @, which can only be accessible through TeamVPN & hosts

  • CRM application accessible through -
  • Windows File service
  • SSH server on port 4322

Go to Bookmark tab on the app & click on Add Bookmark


Add running services

Once a server is added to Bookmark, you can add running services using "Add service"


Note : The Active shield implies you would need to 'Connect with TeamVPN' to access services running on this server


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