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Host feature is built for cases where you have an always-on Server/Machine/device/VM to be securely accessble by member of the room.

  • Room should be active with a free Host license.
  • Only Room's admin can add Hosts to the room.
  • Admin will be able to add Bookmark links of services running on the server
  • We currently support Ubuntu & CentOS flavors using CloudLAN Host Agent

Ready to adopt a Host?

Your Free room comes with 1 host license to try out this feature

You have 2 methods

  1. Host agent - Easy to install application for your Linux servers that installs necessary drivers & adopts the server to your CloudLAN room using a Adoption code. Host agent also has built-in connect on reboot functionality which keeps the connection persistantly.

    Installation guide for

    1. CentOS
    2. Ubnutu
    3. Windows
    4. MacOS
    5. Raspberry Pi
  2. Generic Clients - For servers running any other linux distributions or Operating systems, Generic Client feature provides you option to use any 3rd party OpenVPN client supported by the OS.

When to use Hosts Feature?

  • You want to access a machine behind Router/Firewalls without doing any port forwarding config on the router
  • Hide public IP address of the host but still provide access to application running on them to the team
  • Great to setup anywhere access to Raspberry Pi type project boards

How Does Host Feature work?

When you connect a server to CloudLAN room using Host feature, server is assigned a Device IP & establishes an always-on connection with the room. Members of the room can view all the connected hosts & access services/applications running on those hosts using its Device IP.


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